Early Game Alarm - white alarm clock logo


Play a game to wake up

Display of the main screen with the list of all alarms and the display of a wake up game.

Discover the best from Early in just one minute

  • Make the circles “dance” when deleting alarms.
  • Personalize your screens with favorite color combinations.
  • Make all changes from a single screen.
  • Edge swipe to enter Night Mode.
  • Win a game to get a motivational message.

Play a game to wake up

Play a game, stop the alarm and start your day!
Early will be your first win of the day, you just have to continue the streak.

Made to cheer you up

Personalize your screens with favorite color combinations and find the inspiration with Early Quotes.

Besides making your mornings more productive and your days more organized, Early will also make you smile.

Display of the Tetris game, and the display of the motivational message - Success comes to those who have the will power to win over their snooze buttons.

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