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Early makes waking up fun, like
playing a game

Display of the main screen with the list of all alarms and the display of a wake up game.

Rediscover alarms on your iPhone

Discover the best from Early in just one minute.
Learn how to make the circles “dance” when deleting alarms, how to easily make transitions between main screens or change all of your alarms on a single screen. Edge swipe to enter the Night mode and decrease the brightness of your screen while sleeping.

Play a game to wake up

We designed some nice, simple games to wake you up. Act as a child before letting serious thoughts come to your mind.
Stay tuned, we are preparing new challenges.

Made to cheer you up

Every day brings some small happy moments and we wanted people to come up with that idea first they open their eyes.

We wanted you to receive a message that would inspire you to wake up at the very moment or to do some fun stuff that will bring smile to your face. We wanted to show that mornings can actually be beautiful.

Display of the Tetris game, and the display of the motivational message - Success comes to those who have the will power to win over their snooze buttons.

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